School from home: your maths learning resource round up

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Easing your class into school from home? Help is at hand. Support parents and caregivers through the Covid-19 pandemic with this maths learning resource list.

Schools may be closed, but you’re still working tirelessly to ensure there’s as little disruption as possible to learners’ routines. This means keeping in close communication with parents and caregivers and supporting them from afar.

To help, we searched our back catalogue to bring you a hefty collection of maths teaching resources that you can pass on to learners’ parents. It should help ease this unusual transition to home education.

So let’s get to it. Here’s a resource list to support your learners’ school from home.

1. How to get started with maths mastery

For parents and caregivers who are researching maths mastery for the first time, or who need a refresher — this is the perfect introduction. The following blogs give a high-level view on some of the important maths mastery theories and why they’re important.

2. Focus on maths mastery techniques

Parents might know the theory behind maths mastery, but how does that translate into practice? These blogs delve into what an effective maths mastery lesson looks like. They break down essential maths mastery techniques like number sense, number bonds, bar modelling, the CPA approach, journaling, and effective questioning.

3. Explore practical maths activities

The next batch of blog posts are a collection of practical tips and activities parents and caregivers can try at home with their children. Topics like angles and measurement are ideal homeschool activities.

4. Meet the needs of every learner

Every child is unique and what support they’ll need often depends on their age and subject confidence. After all, success in mathematics relies on how deeply your learners’ understand the concepts being taught. These blogs focus on supporting a few key learner groups.

Learners in Early Years Foundation Stage

Learners in Year 1

Learners in Year 6

Struggling Learners

Learners with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

5. Play some fun maths games

Right now, parents and caregivers are in the middle of juggling school from home, figuring out childcare and doing their own work — on top of everything else that needs to be done. Maths games can be a welcome distraction. Here are some fun maths activities your learners can try at home.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing lots of helpful content to support you and your learners during the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts for helpful parent content, homeschool support and maths mastery resources.

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