Find out more about the contributors to the Maths – No Problem! series of textbooks, workbooks and teacher guides who have been instrumental in making our programme such a success. Their invaluable input has transformed the way mathematics is being taught in Primary Schools across the UK.

Dr Yeap Ban Har: Series Consultant

Dr Yeap Ban Har is one of the world’s leading experts on the Singapore method and is the technical consultant for the MNP series.

An accomplished and inspirational trainer, Ban Har spent 10 years at the National Institute of Education in Singapore where he was involved in several funded research programmes in mathematics education. Ban Har was part of the team which reviewed the Singapore maths curriculum for the revised 2013 syllabus and he teaches courses at tertiary institutions in South East Asia and North America.


Dr Jeremy Hannay: Lead Author of Teacher Guide

Jeremy is the Headteacher of Three Bridges Primary School in the London Borough of Ealing. He had completed his doctorate at the University of Exeter, investigating the impact of lesson study in mathematics on teacher self-efficacy and school climate, under the vision of Professional Capital.

Jeremy has extensive experience in the classrooms of both Canada and the UK and writes regularly about education and school leadership. He has visited a number of schools in Singapore and hosts regular Open Days at Three Bridges to support and grow from schools around the country.



Tony Gardiner: Contributor

Tony Gardiner is a British mathematician and maverick with an international reputation for his work with able students and teachers and in curriculum development.

He started the national pyramid of challenges, olympiads and summer schools, and ran them for nearly 10 years.

Tony Gardiner Mathematics Specialist

Helena Bryant: Contributor

Helena is the Assistant Head for Teaching and Learning at St Peter and St Paul’s Catholic Primary School in Merton, where she hosts regular CPA mornings. She holds a Masters in Special Education with a focus on more able pupils from Brunel University.

Helena has over 20 years’ teaching experience, both in the UK and Costa Rica. As well as having been a Local Authority Adviser for Merton, she has held guest lecturing positions at Brunel and Roehampton Universities. She has had extensive experience supporting schools in challenging circumstances with teaching and learning and leadership.

Helena Bryant Maths Mastery contributor

Emma Valério: Contributor

Emma Valério is the leader of mathematics and a phase leader at Three Bridges Primary School, a model UK school for Singapore maths. She has taught across the key stages and has experience leading and supporting colleagues in delivering outstanding learning programmes.

Now in her 10th year of teaching, she is a maths mastery specialist, modelling effective practice and hosting training days for other schools and school leaders in implementing a mastery approach to mathematics.

EMMA VALÉRIO maths mastery contributor

Gemma Meharg: Contributor

Gemma Meharg is an experienced primary school teacher with 11 years experience of working at senior leadership level both as Assistant head and acting head teacher of a London primary school. She has 15 years of teaching across all key stages.

Gemma has significant expertise in innovative curriculum design, modelling effective classroom practices as well as developing and delivering training in mastery learning. She has a particular interest in system change and leadership of change at all levels.


Louise Hoskyns-Staples: Author of Assessment Papers

Louise is a Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education at the University of Worcester. Her academic interests are the use of manipulatives and the design of test questions that enable children to show what they know.

Louise has worked as a maths test development researcher for the Department for Education and as a headteacher in an Essex primary school. She is a national maths lead and really enjoys sharing her love of maths with others.


Adam Gifford: Editor, Author and Trainer

Adam was the first primary mathematics specialist leader of education in the UK, the strategic primarylead in the NCETM’s Maths Hub pilot programme, and was involved in the NCETM’s Textbook and Diagnostic Assessment programmes.

Adam has previously worked at the University of Manchester.


Judy Hornigold: Editor, Author and Trainer.

Judy is an independent education consultant specialising in dyslexia and dyscalculia and an associate tutor for the British Dyslexia Association and Edge Hill University.

She trains Maths — No Problem! teachers in Singapore maths.


Dr. Julie Alderton: Consultant.

Julie is a lecturer in mathematics education at Cambridge University and an executive committee member of the British Society for Research into Learning Mathematics.

She won the Janet Duffin Award in 2018 for her contributions to the Research in Mathematics Education Journal.

Dr. Julie Alderton: Consultant