How does Insights work?

  • Mark Assessment Papers online

    Test learners with our assessment papers, included with each subscription, then mark the tests using Insights.

    There's no need to double mark!

  • Review achievement reports

    When testing is complete, get instant achievement reports for individual learners and the class as a whole.

  • Move your learners forward

    With precise, detailed knowledge of your learners' strengths and weaknesses, quickly decide where to focus your time and energy to help them advance.

New! Baseline Assessment Papers

All Insights subscribers receive new baseline assessment papers that let practitioners see what pupils have retained from previous years, an essential feature given Covid-related disruptions.

Assessment Papers

Assess pupils' mathematical knowledge using twice yearly tests.

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Assessment for Advancement

Insights gives you a precise look into your learners’ achievement, in all areas of mathematics. With practical assessment data, you’ll know exactly where your learners are so you can plan how to move them forward.

Easy to Use

Find the information you need, whether its an overview or a detailed look, all in one place.

Below Expected Expected Above Expected
Below Expected
Above Expected

Instant Analysis

Detailed achievement reports help you make sense of assessment data so you can strategically plan.

Pupil 1
Pupil 2
Pupil 3
Pupil 4

In-Depth Reports

Insights shows you how each learner is doing in specific areas of maths. It also measures the overall depth of their understanding.

Cognitive Domains


Content Domains

Number 72%
Addition and Subtraction 52%
Geometry, measures, statistics 100%

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Assessment tips and resources

Looking for additional resources? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get more out of maths assessment.