Teacher Hub

The Maths — No Problem! Teacher Hub is a series of online tools that aid teachers to plan and deliver effective mathematics lessons. The Hub is where you will find the Teacher Guides for those using the Maths — No Problem! series in their classroom. Academy video training courses can also be found in the Teacher Hub. They are for any teacher looking to improve their subject and pedagogical knowledge.

Teacher Guides

To be used with a school subscription, Teacher Guides are an expert teaching framework which supports teachers’ subject knowledge and pedagogy. The materials provide a consistent lesson structure which incorporates class discussion, group work and independent practice. Every element has been designed to make maths engaging to learn and fun to teach.

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Online training videos, how-to guides and expert advice on your own schedule.

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Maths — No Problem! Academy


An annual subscription to our Teacher Hub provides step-by-step teacher guides on how to conduct each lesson and a comprehensive library of Singapore maths training videos.



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Early Years Mastery CPD

Want to ensure your pupils enter Year 1 with a solid foundation in maths concepts? This advanced, in-person CPD shows you how, while meeting the mathematics early learning goals.

26 April 2023
5 July 2023

21 June 2023

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