Shipping Information

Placing an order soon? Please note that our warehouse will be closed over the holidays.

If you’re shipping within UK:

  • Orders placed before 15:00 (GMT) on 18 December, 2020 are expected to arrive before the end of the year.
  • Orders placed after 15:00 (GMT) 18 December, 2020 will be shipped within 3–5 business days when we reopen on 4 January, 2021.

If you’re shipping internationally, delivery may take 7–10 business days (or more) depending on your postal service and location. Due to holiday closures, please expect international orders to arrive in 2021.

Disruptions caused by Covid-19 may mean we need to hold your order until our distributors are ready to ship. This may take extra time. We may also need to cancel your order if we are unable to deliver it due to closure of postal or courier systems due to the pandemic.