MNP Singapore Maths Training Courses

Expert-led training,
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This year, take your teaching practice further with introductory and in-depth training courses and conferences. Learn essential maths mastery skills, dive into the latest pedagogical ideas and connect with your maths community.

MNP training: courses for every practitioner

Wondering what teaching maths for mastery is all about or looking to sharpen your skills in the classroom? MNP courses equip you with practical, easy-to-use maths mastery skills that you can use right away.

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MNP conferences: always looking forward

Innovative teachers, academics and education thought leaders — all in one place. Each year, MNP hosts world-class conferences centred around a theme relevant to the current education landscape.

MNP Annual Conference: Deep Learning

Discover the latest pedagogical research to inform your future practice in a room full of like-minded practitioners.

This year’s topic: Deep Learning.

Join us on April 30 in London

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