Singapore Maths Training Courses in England

Gain the maths mastery advantage in your school!

Singapore maths training courses are coming up in London and across England. From the very basics to advanced techniques, there’s a maths mastery course coming up to give you and your school a maths boost.

Teaching Maths for Mastery

A comprehensive maths mastery review for beginners and veterans alike

Get detailed training on how to confidently teach, lead, and implement the maths for mastery approach in your school. This in-depth course is next step following our Intro to Mastery and Textbook courses.
Jun 26-28, 2019 | London, UK

Teaching Maths for Mastery 3-day course

Teaching Maths for Mastery

Get started with the essentials of maths mastery

Let’s get started! This course introduces the core concepts of the Singapore method of teaching maths for mastery. This is a great first step for anyone interested in implementing or teaching the mastery approach.
Jun 11, 2019 | Manchester, UK
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Maths for Mastery Follow-Up

Get a deeper understanding of the essential concepts underpinning maths mastery. This in-depth training course is the perfect next step for teachers already familiar with maths mastery.

Teaching Maths for Mastery 1-day course


Master the art of whole-class differentiation

Discover how to keep all students learning together and at the same pace in whole-class settings. This is an excellent course for anyone looking to meet the needs of struggling and advanced learners alike.
Jun 12, 2019 | Manchester, UK

Differentiation Course


Gain a fresh perspective on teaching fractions

This in-depth special topic course provides all attendees with proven strategies for how to teach fractions that help students of every ability obtain a stable, deep understanding of fractions.
Stay tuned for more dates!

Fractions Course 1-dau course

Problem Solving

Give pupils a new lens to view and solve problems

Well-developed problem-solving skills give students a flexible, adaptable toolset that aids number sense and mathematical fluency. This course sets teachers up with go-to strategies, concepts, and exercises for developing powerful problem-solving skills in all learners.
Stay tuned for more dates!

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Bar Modelling

Become a master of bar modelling

Learn the technique proven to enable students to visualize essential concepts and solve problems. Hands-on and in-depth, this special topics course sets you up with everything required to implement this essential technique into your classroom.
Stay tuned for more dates!

Bar modelling course

Early Years Foundation Stage

Discover the essential concepts early learners need for lasting maths success

This one-day course introduces play-based child centred maths learning, and covers the development of early mathematical constructs and ideas needed in early year foundational stage maths. Discover the early year maths concepts and activities pupils need to find success with Singapore maths in Year 1 and beyond.
Jun 13, 2019 | Manchester, UK

Early Years Foundation Stage 1 day Course

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