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9 Oct – 20 Nov

Developing the Core Competencies

Manchester, United Kingdom

Wednesday, 9 October 2024 – Wednesday, 20 November 2024

9:15 – 16:15 (BST) in Manchester, United Kingdom

£550.00 + VAT


Developing the Core Competencies


Level 3

2 days


12 credits


This 2-day course is designed for teachers and mathematics leads working in a primary or elementary setting. It aims to provide them with strategies and skills to understand, develop, and evaluate students’ core competencies: metacognition (developing an identity as a learner), visualisation (creating mental images to understand mathematical concepts), generalisation (extending specific findings to broader contexts), communication (expressing mathematical ideas clearly), and number sense (an intuitive understanding of numbers and their relationships). The course will explore how these competencies can be enhanced in the classroom and across a school to improve mathematical understanding and problem-solving skills. Participants will be required to complete an interim task between the two course days. The findings from this task will play a central role in the discussions on the second day, allowing participants to share experiences, insights, and practical implications for their teaching practice. By the end of this course, participants will have a deeper understanding of how to effectively foster these core competencies in their students, leading to improved mathematical thinking and performance across their schools.

Course Objectives

The course is organised to initially focus on each core competency, aimed at enhancing a specific set of teaching and learning capabilities. An interim task between days will focus on one area and will form the basis for discussion on day 2 to further develop the teaching and learning of the core competencies.

Who this is course intended for?

This 2-day course is designed for teachers and mathematics leads working in a primary or elementary setting.

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