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A range of professional development solutions

  • Tailored to meet individual and school needs
  • Carefully sequenced courses for continuous professional growth
  • Comprehensive qualification pathway to recognise your development

Have your achievements recognised

Our Qualification Programme offers a clear pathway for professional growth through three distinct qualifications:

  • Maths — No Problem! Teacher
  • Maths — No Problem! Expert Teacher
  • Maths — No Problem! Master Teacher

This programme awards credits through carefully sequenced courses and acknowledges the impact individuals have on their school’s and community’s maths programmes.

Maths — No Problem! Teacher

As a Qualified Maths — No Problem! Teacher, you will understand lesson structures, effectively use Maths — No Problem! resources and grasp the pedagogical approach. Beginning with the 3-day Essentials course, this qualification enhances your practice and enables you to model effective techniques in the classroom.

Maths — No Problem! Expert Teacher

A Qualified Maths — No Problem! Expert Teacher builds on the foundation of a Maths — No Problem! Teacher by actively supporting colleagues and enhancing their expertise. They develop the capacity to mentor peers, sharing advanced strategies and best practices. Their impact is showcased through the Maths — No Problem! Expert Teacher professional portfolio, demonstrating their contributions to improving maths education within their educational setting.

Maths — No Problem! Master Teacher

Progressing beyond the level of an Expert Teacher, a Qualified Maths — No Problem! Master Teacher demonstrates a sustained impact within a broad professional community. By continuously enhancing their expertise, they support colleagues beyond their own setting, recognised for their advanced skills in implementing and strategically planning maths programmes.

It's Time to Share Your Expertise

Acknowledging the level of expertise required to become a Master Teacher, we offer those with the certification the chance to apply to become a Maths — No Problem! Licensed Trainer.

Maths — No Problem! Trainer

A Licensed Trainer builds on the Master Teacher level to train others in the Maths — No Problem! approach. As a Licensed Trainer, you will:

  • Train teachers within your school and the larger maths community
  • Have access to Maths — No Problem! materials and training tools to support and lead professional development
  • Serve as an ambassador for the Maths — No Problem! programme

This role recognises your advanced skills and positions you to inspire and educate other teachers in mathematics.

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Maths — No Problem! CPD pathway

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