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Effective support for new teachers using Maths — No Problem!

A school case study

Primary Maths School Webinar

We're delighted to let you know about our next free webinar! Katie Bowles at Sandringham Primary, a large, four-form entry school with a diverse community, will talk about effective induction and training of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) implementing the Maths — No Problem! Programme.

Katie will give some tips and tricks and talk about the fact she has 13 ECTs starting this year. She will be joined by an ECT who has been at the school for a year who will share their experience.

(An ECT refers to a teacher who is in the first two years of teaching.)

Some of the topics Katie will cover in this packed session include:

  • How Maths — No Problem! fits within the pedagogy at the school
  • The structure of the lesson
  • The school's maths principles
  • Journals
  • Differentiation and adaptions for EAL and in-year admissions

This is an unmissable opportunity for schools with ECTs joining and for the ECTs themselves. The session will have a particular emphasis on supporting your ECTs. It would also be suitable if you're an experienced teacher moving to a school where the Maths — No Problem! Programme is already established.

Effective support for new teachers implementing the Maths — No Problem! Programme. A school case-study.

Date and time:

7 September 2023, 3:30–4:20 p.m. (BST)


Katie Bowles, Assistant Headteacher, Mathematics and Curriculum Design at Sandringham Primary School


35 minutes, with additional time for Q&A


Free, but limited spaces available. Register now!