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Referral Programme

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Primary maths teachers excited about the Maths — No Problem! Referral Programme

We are stronger together.

A limited time opportunity to help other schools and get rewarded for it.

Our Referral Programme is designed to reward you for spreading the word about Maths — No Problem! The more schools that subscribe, the more points you earn. Redeem the points for anything we offer. Imagine getting your training for free, or your next bundle for half price. If you’re not already a Maths — No Problem! subscriber, join us and receive valuable training vouchers, absolutely free.

How does the referral programme work?

When a school refers another school and that school invests in Maths — No Problem! both schools win. All the referring school needs to do is tell them what their unique referral code is, and to use it when talking to us.

The referring school

The school that refers another school gets points that can be redeemed on future purchases, a lot of points! Points can be redeemed on anything we offer, almost like cash.

The referred school

The school that was referred receives training vouchers for the 3-day Essentials course, exactly what they need when starting out.

When you do the right thing, everybody wins!

Extend a maths lifeline to teachers and pupils who are struggling.

Invite others to join our growing maths mastery community.

Make a real difference to children who might think they ‘don’t get maths’.

Share your story with schools in your network.

Help narrow the maths attainment gap in our schools.

Show other schools how Maths — No Problem! works.

Be rewarded for helping other schools be successful just like you.

Earn points for your school by referring other schools and get huge discounts on any future purchases from Maths — No Problem!

Reap the rewards of the outreach you’re already doing.

Grow your presence and reputation as a leader in your community.

Be seen by your peers as a difference maker.

Build on your success.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us to not only help other schools discover Maths — No Problem!, but also allow for our own setting to be recognised and rewarded for our expertise and passion.

– Kyle Lewis, Assistant Head Teacher Parkfield Community School, Birmingham, England

It’s always better when we’re together, so get started.

Refer a school that could use a break. They deserve it.

It is so easy

When you meet a school that could benefit from using Maths — No Problem! encourage them to talk to us and you’ll get rewarded and so will they.

You have a unique referral code, tell them to use it is so that you can both benefit.

Reap the rewards of doing the right thing.

Help and Rewards

Schools that refer another school get points they can redeem on any future purchase including books, teaching guides, training, Insights, you name it.

New schools signing up with a referral code receive free training vouchers for the 3-day Essentials course, exactly what is needed when starting out.

Watch them become better.

Pupils benefit the most!

Everyone wins, but especially the kids because access to a world class maths education programme like Maths — No Problem! will open more doors for them in the future and give them the opportunities they deserve.

Why do it?

Everyone deserves a break, especially the kids that are missing out. Children of schools who have adopted the Maths — No Problem! Programme have benefitted immensely from a world class teaching and learning programme. That’s what the teachers and pupils of schools that invest in it tell us. We want to make it easier for our community of devoted educators to help spread the word so even more children can benefit.

Who can refer another school?

Any school with a full subscription to Maths — No Problem! can take advantage of this offer.

How much are points worth?

Points can be redeemed on a 1:1 basis. 1 point can be redeemed for £1 pound on future purchases.

How many points do I receive for referring a school?

When you refer a school you will receive 98 points for every classroom referred!

If you refer 1 two-form entry school you will receive up to 1372 points. Now that’s a deal!

How many vouchers do I receive for signing up with a referral code?

You will receive 1 training voucher for the 3-day Essentials course for each form entry that signs up to full subscription in your school.

Read more on our FAQ page.

The offer is subject to these terms and conditions.

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I have a referral code or I would like one. What do I do?

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