Foundations Picture Books — This ’n That

Thank goodness our fearful tangram cat This ’n That has such a loyal and brave friend, a dog called These ’n Those! Along with introducing an array of core mathematical concepts, this gorgeously illustrated picture book was designed to spark creative aptitude.

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eyfs early year foundational stage picture book cover named this n that by James Allen Hermanson with one child, a dog and cat playing in the background

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Take a sneak peek of the This ’n That Picture Book!

eyfs early year foundation stage picture book spread reads "a really frightened fraidy cat; afraid of a mouse, afraid of a rat" with a cat near the kitchen sink in the background

About the Foundations Picture Book Series

Maths — No Problem! Foundations Picture Books capture the imagination of young readers and encourages children to explore maths through the magical stories of James Allan Hermanson. These richly illustrated, painstakingly crafted picture books evoke mathematical concepts by providing visual clues and opportunities for games.

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